Monday, March 15, 2010

Eradicating 'Hand of Gods'

It seems that 'Hand of God' type of goals are turning into an in-separable part of our beautiful game.You probably know some 'famous players' doing it,so I don't need to give any examples.
Recently Sydeny FC's Chris Payne netted a goal with his hands,termed as 'Hand of Payne',to add to the agony of Wellington Phoenix.

More to follow.......
So,is this phenomena gonna be never-ending?Are there any ways to eradicate this??
Of course,we can avoid this.There is always a smarter way.

How about increasing the number of referees?

Hmm..sounds like a good idea.But,think about what will happen in the premiere league

Players will discover a new way of getting injured,and managers like Rafa Benitez will discover new excuses.

How about adding some new technology?
Like,fixing some heavy machineries in players hands,which will 'signal' the refs when the ball makes contact with the hands.

This idea must work!Oh wait.....

Ref: Duh,what's wrong with my mobile?Its making weird sounds..

And also,the heavy machineries would add to the sorrow of players like Heskey:

Come on,there must be a way!

At last,we have one idea,that would actually work!


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