Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gunners jinxed?

That would be the question arised in most of our minds,after seeing Arsenal's 19 year old Aaron Ramsey's horrible injury.

Arsenal have already witnessed 2 leg breaks,Abou Diaby and Eduardo.Ramsey now makes it 3.
It was Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City,who accidentally,broke the leg of Ramsey.Both went for the loose ball,which resulted in the horrible incident.Shawcross broke into tears after seeing the 19 year old's leg literally broken.Shawcross honestly can't be blamed of this,he didn't really do it intentionally.
"There was absolutely no malice in the challenge. I would never, ever go out to hurt a fellow professional.

I am deeply upset that Aaron has suffered such a bad injury and my thoughts are with him.
"I would like to send him my best wishes too for a speedy recovery.
said the upset defender.He was also backed by his boss.

"Ryan Shawcross has no bad blood in him whatsoever.
The lad was heartbroken at what has happened, you could see as he came off the pitch that he was in tears and he feels devastated that Aaaron has been so badly injured."
said the Stoke City gaffer,showing his support for Shawcross.
Arsene Wenger was unhappy to see another one of his player horrendously tackled.But the French tactician was happy to see his team winning,coming back from a goal behind.

Here's the injury,in pictures: (not suitable for the faint-hearted)

Waving for help..
In tears....


Ryan Shawcross was officially called-up for the England National side,just 2 hours after this incident.Well,I know that the England national team play a 'physical' football,but this is ridiculous!

Anyway,lets all hope for a quick recovery of Aaron Ramsey and lets not brand Ryan Shawcross as a 'thug' as the whole incident was purely an accident..Shawcross's reactions after seeing Ramsey's broken leg tells us the truth.


ers said...

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Howard Gray said...

Honestly how can Wenger act like this? Yes I feel bad for Ramsey and his team mates, and yes I wish him a swift and full recovery, but if his leg hadn't been broken would Shawcross even have been sent off? I honestly don't think so. I also have never seen a leg broken by a kick before, it has always been from a straight legged challenge. A bad combination of factors...

Pragathish said...

@Howard Gray: Yeah,I understand what you mean mate.But,yes,Wenger woulda been annoyed.I mean he has already witnessed 2 horrendous leg-breaks.So,its natural for him to get pissed off.He shouldn't have;but he is a human,after all. :)

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