Thursday, February 25, 2010

Million Dollar cry baby

Well,you know about whom I am gonna' talk about.
yes,its none other than the planet's most expensive player,Crystiano Ronaldo.
This man hasn't meant his ways yet,and continuing his selfish,cry babyish,blaggardish,not-so-clever,*insert every dumb activities here* deeds in Madrid.

So,what happened?
First story is a little old,pardon me.Still worth pointing and ridicule about:
Real Madrid were awarded a penalty after Ronaldo was brought down on the penalty box.( was actually a dive from Ronaldo!never mind..).Ronaldo took the ball,placed it in the spot,and bang!Keeper saves and Karim Benzema scored the rebound.
Now whats the fuzz all about?
Ronaldo was actually supposed to celebrate,but,the expensive player was actually venting his anger for missing the penalty!
What an attitude,sire!

Now to the recent one:

"I'll take the penalty!"
"Hey!Its my turn!You have already scored!"

Wait,this isn't a conversation between two 10 year olds playing Football in the park!
Its between our Ronaldo and Xabi,fighting for the penalty!
well,here's the actual conversation:(actually doesn't differ from the conversation above!)
"Cris, give it to me,"
says Alonso.
After no response the Spanish international continues:
 "because I haven't even scored one goal. Let me score one. Let me."
"The next one, I promise you," 
replies Ronaldo.
"No, stop. Give me this one. Come on, give me the ball," 
adds Alonso, before taking the ball and placing it on the spot as Ronaldo reluctantly turns away.
Cheers to Spanish TV station Canal + for bringing the row into the limelight.
Here;s the actual video,with English translations:

Grow up,Ronaldo!


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