Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's with Dunga and 'Dinho?

Not the unfamiliar topic.
"Ronaldinho is officially back to his best!The Seleção now needs him!"
So,say  most of the fans of the beloved game.Except Dunga,oh well,the coach.

Dinho was snubbed by Dunga,quiet rightly,after his epic loss of form since moving to AC Milan.And since then,Brazil,under the new coach Dunga,has started playing a 'different' style of football,not the flashy Samba style we've seen and enjoyed for years.And yes,it has been successful till now and the Brazil,are arguably one of the favorites for the World Cup 2010.

Now to the topic:
Milan was actually expected to involve in the relegation battle (!) after the team lost their charismatic,prolonged leader,the legendary Paolo Maldini and their talisman cum star Kaka.Adding fuel to the fire,Carlo Ancelotti,chose Chelsea and flew to England.Then came into light,Leonardo,an inexperienced rookie coach.Milan's big man Adriano G being already a proven joker,the hope of the Rossoneri was suddenly shifted into Dinho's shoulders and he was supposed to do the 'Kaka role'
After a crappy start,Dinho exploded into life and is now 'officially' back to his Barca best,turning into an ruthless 'assist machine'.His pace is lost,but not his passion and vision.It was quiet obvious from Dinho's interviews that his rise in form was aimed to secure a berth for the South African trip.
Dunga already stated that Dinho will be called-up when he regains his form.That means he must have called up him for the seleção by now!
parted ways

Now in an latest interview,when Dunga was questioned about this issue,the coach refused to speak and behaved like Mourinho.
"I guess it's normal, because the players who are absent are always the best and everyone wants to talk about who is not part of the national team.None of this is new on the eve of a World Cup. The questions and answers continue to be the same. The pressure on the coach of the Selecao is always very strong."
said the reluctant boss.Dunga also backed Kaka,who is the main-man in his 'not-so-flashy-anymore' Brazil.
Dunga wants Dinho to juggle the sun

What may be the reason?
Every coach have their own reasons- either acceptable or unacceptable for their deeds.
As I said,Brazil under Dunga is not really the good ol' Sambaish,flashy Seleção we used see.Dunga,plays a more packed and an integrated,more strategic football using kaka as the anchor.Actually,AC Milan playing under Leonardo with an 'ultra attacking' 4-3-3 plays more 'Brazil like' than the actual Brazil!
This may be the reason for Dunga to snub Dinho,who is a more flamboyant and an audacious figure.On the other hand Kaka,Dunga's main man,is a more professional and simple and less audacious;unlike Dinho.

So,Dinho deserves the spot,but the boss doesn't think so.Its evident that Dinho is very less likely to be included in the Seleção.But,we shall see.Who knows whats running in the joker's mind?


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